Keyboard with 80 customizable keys _

With the alphabets, numbers, icons and shortcuts of your choice

It’s time to have a more powerfull tool _

Do you or your team members use different languages, different software and combine keys for shortcuts daily? It’s time to find a keyboard with added value which will give you the edge over your competitors, making it a more powerful tool.

Nemeio adapts to your professional uses to unleash your potential, helping you save time and energy _

The most customisable keyboard in the world _

Your needs, your keys, your tool

Nemeio is a keyboard with an E Paper screen. This technology enables it to digitally display all alphabets, symbols and icons. This unprecedented ability to adapt makes it the most customizable keyboard in the world.

With its dedicated application, the Keyboard Manager, you can install free layouts according to your linguistic, creative or technical uses, or simply configure the 80 keys of the keyboard to your liking for creating your own layout.

The right touch, in the right place, at the right time _

Focus on the essentials

Its Contextual Switch instantly and automatically displays the layout of your choice adapted to the software being used. Switch from one configuration to another in the blink of an eye, there are so many to select for your keyboard! You’ll have the functions and shortcuts that you need, in a simpler and faster way.

Its Contextual Switch instantly and automatically displays the layout of your choice adapted to the software being used. Switch from one configuration to another in the blink of an eye, there are so many to select for your keyboard! You’ll have the functions and shortcuts that you need, in a simpler and faster way.

E Paper technology for endless possibilities

Excellent user comfort and seamless typing

User-friendly and intuitive setup

A keyboard wich adapts to your needs

Nemeio adapts to your work ecosystem. With its digital and contextual display, optimize your work to save time and focus on what’s important

Ready-to-use layout (languages and software) _

Download the layouts that correspond to you

Nemeio comes with a Keyboard Manager including a free catalog of ready-to-use configurations and if you don’t find exactly what you need, you can customize your own. Download your favorite alphabets or icons and set up the direct extension of your software to save time and energy!

This catalog brings together all the official alphabets but also layouts designed whilst working with other users and editors to make your keyboard a real command center to make your work so much easier.

Modular accessibility options _

Improve your daily visual comfort

Nemeio uses an E paper display with adjustable brightness, ideal for reducing eye strain day or night. You can control the light intensity and magnify the letters of your keys to improve your comfort. Agile and versatile, Nemeio adapts to everyone's needs. With excellent typing comfort and silent keys, Nemeio has been designed to offer you an optimal experience.

The first keyboard that adapts to your needs, and not the other way around _

Products details _

Nemeio and its layouts are compatible with all software publishers on PC and Mac.

2400 x 1034 resolution

Adjustable brightness

Reclinable from 0° to 4°

Nemeio – The customizable connected e-paper keyboard. It’s a unique keyboard that fits your needs!

Discover the revolution in the field of keyboards! Nemeio is customizable and will completely revolutionize how you use the keyboard, enabling you to choose just which keys you want and exactly where you want them! Nemeio allows you to write in several languages with a single keyboard, switching between configurations very easily. Nemeio’s goal is also to save you time and optimize your productivity with many configurable shortcuts. Indeed, this electronic ink keyboard enables you to choose the character of each key according to your preferences, through our dedicated software! Whether you use AZERTY, QWERTY, Bépo, or even have a particular keyboard layout that you just love, you can change your keys at a blink of an eye. Nemeio is a customizable keyboard and using our software, you will be able to record your favorite configurations so you can change them in a split second. In addition, you can also choose to change the layout of the keys automatically depending on the program you use. For example, you can assign a profile to Photoshop to get faster and easier access to the shortcuts you need, and then assign another to another software, saving you time and energy. Based on E-paper technology, it is possible to display and exchange the characters, icons or symbols of your choice, and import customized characters or use characters from any language! So, if you want to write in Chinese, Arabic or any language or any alphabet, Nemeio will let you do this very easily! Designed to suit all types of users, Nemeio is also a great solution for people who are always on the move. This electronic ink keyboard is slim, light and compact, and is very easily transportable. It can be used in any situation, both at the office and when hot-desking. In addition, the keyboard has a USB type C port to recharge it simply and quickly, as well as a conventional USB port to connect your external devices, such as a mouse. The two navigation buttons on the side of the keyboard means that changing the keyboard profile is really simple. Nemeio is a wireless keyboard, it uses Bluetooth technology so that you can connect it to all your devices, be it a computer, a smartphone or even a tablet. Its mechanical keys makes typing really comfortable, as you navigate from one software to another. Moreover, its fine and sleek design will look good wherever you work. The keyboard’s keys are lit up and you can change their brightness as you wish and choose whether they should display a background color, or not. You can also keep it connected in wired mode when you’re working, or when you want to recharge it. Thanks to E-paper technology, used by e-readers, the back-lit keys do not tire the eyes and look just like paper. In addition, this E-paper keyboard consumes very little energy and has a long battery life, so you won’t get caught out in the middle of your work! What’s more, to guarantee you maximum quality, this keyboard has been designed and developed in France! The choice of components was especially important for us, to provide you with a top quality, cutting-edge, high-tech product.