LDLC introduces you

The multi-platform keyboard

The 100% customizable keyboard

The versatile keyboard

The nomadic keyboard


A single keyboard opening up a world of possibilities

Nemeio is a new generation keyboard that responds to many frustrations. Who has never torn their hair out trying to find a character on the keyboard? Who has never been stalled by an inappropriate layout of the keys?

With Nemeio, you can modify the characters as you wish: QWERTY, AZERTY, Bépo, in French, Spanish with the shortcuts of your favourite software… you are free to customise it thanks to its dedicated application, wherever you want.

Designed and assembled
in France.

  • 100% customizable:

    change the appearance of each key and configure its behaviour

  • Dedicated application:

    enabling easy configuration

  • Mobile:

    take it everywhere thanks to its convenient size and wireless Bluetooth connection

  • Long battery life:

    Nemeio consumes very little power and runs on a high capacity battery

  • Visual comfort:

    does not tire the eyes and the display is suitable for everyone

Why Nemeio?

The right key,
at the right time

Nemeio is smart: create your shortcuts, choose or import characters that you want to display, assign your profiles according to your uses thanks to its intuitive application… and Nemeio does the rest. It displays your preferred configuration automatically depending on the software used, unless you prefer to change it manually. Simply work more effectively!

at the right time

Easy Plug & Play installation on MAC or PC, for your smartphone, TV or videoprojector… Nemeio connects anywhere required thanks to its Bluetooth connection. Its extremely long-lasting battery will never let you down at the wrong time and its small size allows you to slip it very easily into your bag. It is the ideal companion for all your travels.

Optimum comfort,
for optimal work

Nemeio uses a backlit e-paper display, ideal for preventing eye fatigue day and night. Control the light intensity, magnify the letters of your keys as you wish and become more efficient. Accessible to as many people as possible, Nemeio can be adapted to each person’s individual needs.

  • 81 configurable mechanical keys

  • Wireless
    & multi-platform

  • Brushed metal
    superior quality

  • Size
    304*179*11 mm

  • E-paper screen

    Also called electronic ink, this technology is used in e-readers.

179 mm
304 mm

Test some examples of profiles:

  • Design Profile:

  • Editing Profile:

  • Languages Profile:

Réglez-le selon votre confort :

  • Couleur de fond :

  • Intensité lumineuse :


to charge your keyboard's
and connect it to your PC

to connect or recharge
your USB devices

On / Off

Navigation buttons:
to switch between your profiles
and adjust the brightness

E-paper screen
Also called electronic ink,
this technology is used in e-readers.

Nemeio press article

Nemeio – The customisable, connected keyboard that uses electronic ink

Discover the new revolution among keyboards with Nemeio! Nemeio is a custom keyboard that will completely change the way you use your input device, enabling you to fully configure the layout of all the keys! This electronic ink keyboard enables you, via the dedicated software, to choose the character on each key according to your preferences!

Whether you are rather AZERTY, QWERTY, Bépo or if there is a particular layout that you prefer, you can switch instantly. Nemeio is a customisable keyboard and – thanks to our software – you can save your favorite configurations so that you can switch very quickly. In addition, you can also opt for the layout of the keys to change automatically depending on the program you are using. For example, you can assign a profile to Photoshop to make it easier to access the shortcuts you need, then assign another one to your different video games to always be the best!

Designed to suit all types of users, Nemeio will adapt very well to people who are highly mobile. Thin, light and compact, this electronic ink keyboard is very easy to transport – you can use it in any situation. In addition, the keyboard has a USB type-C port to enable it to be recharged simply and quickly, as well as a classic USB port to connect your external devices, such as a mouse. Changing the keyboard profile is also very simple thanks to the two navigation buttons on the side of the keyboard.

Changing the keys is child’s play! It is possible to interchange each letter, import custom characters and use characters from any language! Would you like to write in Chinese, Arabic or Russian, for example? Nemeio will make it very easy for you!

Nemeio is a wireless keyboard; it uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to connect it to all your devices, whether a computer, a smartphone or even a connected TV. With its mechanical keys offering incomparable typing comfort, you can navigate on all your media. In addition, it has a slim and refined design, with a high-quality, brushed metal body. The keys are well-lit – you can change this brightness to your liking and choose whether or not they should display a background colour.

Thanks to e-ink technology, particularly used in screens on electronic readers, the keys do not tire the eyes and produce an effect very similar to paper. Moreover, this e-ink keyboard consumes very little energy and has great autonomy, so you will never find yourself in a difficult position half-way through your work, for example.

To guarantee you the highest quality, this keyboard is made in France! Assembled and designed in France, the choice of materials was of paramount importance for Nemeio, in order to offer you a top-of-the-range, innovative product.