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Nemeio is a new generation keyboard, resulting from more than 4 years of research and development during which we carefully observed our users’ needs. You are now totally free to choose how you use your keyboard with Nemeio’s customizable keys that is adapted to your specific needs. With just one keyboard, you have an infinite combination of possibilities.

With Nemeio, you can easily customize the keys of your layouts the way you want. You can go from Qwerty to Azerty, or to Bépo, you can handle French or Spanish accents easily, or switch to Arabic and to other alphabets instantly; as well as creating many shortcuts to your favorite software and sites… With Nemeio’s dedicated app, you can set up your keyboard just the way you like it. With Nemeio, you have freedom at your fingertips!

Why Nemeio ?_

Nemeio configurator _

Manage and customize your keyboard configurations with the Nemeio Configurator. We’ve developed software so you can create layouts*, customize icons and symbols and their functions on your keys, but also manage all the configurations you use or share them with your friends or colleagues. Place the shortcuts you need on a layout, bind them to a key, icon or symbol, and assign a function or action. You can do this for all the shortcuts you need!

With Nemeio’s Configurator, you can create as many layouts as you want, moving quickly and automatically from one layout to another with the Smart Switch.

The Configurator provides you with the most intuitive and ergonomic, personalized experience ever designed, because you get to customize everything. With its easy-to-use Configurator, Nemeio is more than just a keyboard, it’s a direct extension of your software. You can optimize your work and save time at the touch of a button!

*Layout – configuration of keys on a keyboard. A “layout” may contain standard keys of an alphabet, or shortcuts, or a mixture of both.


The mechanics _

  • 81 transparent keys

  • Wireless and cross-platform + PC, MacOS, iOS and Android

  • Size
    304*179*11 mm

  • E-Paper screen

    Also known as electronic ink, this technology is the closest digital display to a real sheet of paper. Used for reading lights, it provides incomparable visual comfort and very low energy consumption.

155 mm
310 mm

Test some examples of profiles :

  • Design Profile :

  • Publishing Profile :

  • Language Profile :

Adjust it for your comfort :

  • Background color :

  • Light intensity :

22 mm

to load your keyboard
and connect it to your PC

to connect or recharge
your USB devices

On / off

Navigation buttons :
to switch between your profiles
and adjust the brightness

E-paper screen
Also called electronic ink,
this technology is the one
used for reading lights.

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